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SEED - Scope Art Fair Opening, NYC, 2005 : 90 sec.

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SEED - Artscape Fundraiser,Toronto, 2005 : 130 sec.

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SEED - Interactive 05 - Toronto International Art Fair 2005

SEED explores the convergence of rich media and wireless technology in the creation of a collaborative and evolving work of art. Through sound and imagery users create and populate a forest together. By dialling a particular number, each audience member will be given a “seed” to grow using the keypads of their cell phones. With each punch of the keypad, audiences have the ability to grow their seeds, choose the type of trees they want to plant, and change their texture and colour.

Seed Collective

Napoleon Brousseau, Gabe Sawhney, Galen Scorer
Producers: Caitlin O’Donovan, Ana Serrano > more about us

A Canadian Film Centre, Habitat New Media Lab co-production

Seedphone 2004

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